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CNC Supervisor: 5-8 years’ experience in CNC Turning, Milling, 5 Axis machine centre with experience in thread cutting for Premium Connections.

Bucking Machine Technician cum Operator: – 4-5 years’ experience in Operating CAM & JAM Unit for Make-Up & Break-out of Assemblies and Tubing, operating Power Tong for Make-up and Break-out of Tubing and Casings.

CNC Operator – Turning: 2-3 years’ experience in CNC Turning, Milling, 5 Axis machine in Premium Connections & API connections, conduct all programming as required, with Diploma in Mechanical Engineering preferred.

Hard Banding Technician : 4-5 years’ experience in hard banding Quick tip hard facing system. Exp in carbide Welding (HF3000, HF1000) & hard bander (ARNCO100, 150 & 350XT).

PWHT Technician: 3-4 years’ experience in Post & Pre-weld Heat Treatment,

Swaging Operator: 2-3 years’ experience in swaging and expanding of premium connections tubing .

Blasting Operator: 4-5 years’ experience in Grit Blasting, exp in Shot Peening & Beed Peening,

Bandsaw Operator: 3-4 years’ experience in band saw cutting in large band saw. : – 022 – 2447 3250 / 55 / 54 / 72 / 73 -BRIGHT INTERNATIONAL – MAHIM MUMBAI

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